Biography of Prof. Dr. Mahmud Es'ad Cosan
(Pronouced "Mahmood Eesahd Johshan")

Mahmud Es'ad Cosan was born in Canakkale, Turkey, in 1938. He completed his secondary education at Vefa High School in 1956. In 1960 he completed the Certificate of Arabic Language and Literature, History of the Middle Ages, and Islamic Art at Istanbul University. In 1965 he received his Doctorate in Religion, with his thesis on Hatiboglu Muhammad and his books. He received an Associate Professorship with his thesis on Haji Bektash-i Veli, completing his articles in 1973. In 1982 he became a Professor in the Faculty of Religion of Ankara University. In 1987 he retired from academia to spend more time for community activities.

He organized waqfs and associations to organize community activities and these services have been spread on a wide scale. He set up accommodations, scholarships, schools, institutes, and courses to support and encourage education.

He was a pioneer in the founding and running of written audio and visual publications and broadcasting.

He considers especially important the fields of science, art, culture, and publication.

All the foundations in these fields are spreading their services day by day.

The Golden Chain  (now corrected)


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