Outline of New Islamic Work

by Prof. Dr. Mahmud Es'ad Cosan

(translated from Turkish)

Our beloved Prophet, Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, "Al-ilmu hayal ul-Islam" - "Knowledge is the soul of Islam". That is, Islam is alive and strong when there is knowledge. In the absence of knowledge, it would be dead. With knowledge, faith gets stronger and purer. Knowledge leads to serving the society, good preparation for a rainy day, and to a successful struggle against injustice. With knowledge, Islam penetrates into hearts, spreads on earth and puts smiles on faces. Domination of goodness in the universe is achieved via knowledge.

Hence, we shall hold on to knowledge and become true scholars. We shall improve the quality of Muslims, raise a generation to excel in knowledge, good manners, courtesy, and spirituality. A Muslim should be ahead of his colleagues in America, Europe, and Japan in his field of specialization.

Our social scientists must first mend the lack of cooperation among Muslims. They must find ways to raise the morale and to motivate Muslims to do social, cultural, psychological, and political activities.

Muslims should end the quagmire in their own countries first, abandon unnecessary competition and arguments, establish cooperation, togetherness and unity among the faithful and sincere groups. They should have a genuine concern for the problems of the country and dominate the administration.

The next level of activity starts with strengthening the communication and cooperation among Muslim countries and nations. Muslim countries should pay more attention to the organizations among them, and increase their functionality. New organizations should be established as needed. They should act in unison on matters of international politics, economy, history, culture, and religion. They should support one another and protect them against the enemies. To support the enemy against a Muslim country is nothing but going astray and has grave consequences. People must not allow administrators and government officials to behave in such treason. Such administrators must be removed from their position immediately.

Since Muslim countries are behind in science and technology, they must get into very serious work and investments to close the gap. They have to strengthen their military and defense systems, abandon the old fashioned, ineffective arms, tools, and equipment, and replace them with modern and effective ones that are manufactured in the country with the newest technology. The importance of maintaining an excellent defence system has been realized in the events taking place in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Chechnia, and other parts of the world. The causes of failure in the war against terrorism lies in the lack of proper arms and equipment.

Among the important fields to struggle in is the economy. An intense economic war has been taking place in the world. While the corrupt economies are causing the countries to dissolve, the strong economies are leading the countries to freedom, independence, and happiness.

Muslims must work day and night to form strong economic entities. They must investigate the fields to find the most effective and profitable ones. They must work harder and longer than their competitors, increase production and exports, and reduce imports. They must prevent wastefulness, encourage savings, prefer to use their friends' and allies' goods, avoid using their enemy's production and service. They must put their resources together and form large corporations to do business nationally and internationally.

Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) says in the Qur'an, "koonoo ansar Allah" - "become the helpers of Allah". Today, Muslims are under oppression in many parts of the world; the West has chosen "Mecca" to replace "Moscow" and is attacking from all directions. Believers have been oppressed, pushed out of their homes, and devastated. We all have to pool our resources together, free them from injustice, and use our power wisely, positively, and effectively in earning the pleasure of Allah. The situation is extremely serious.

We must not lose another moment to start the work seriously and scientifically so that we may not be held responsible and guilty in the hereafter.


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