The Man against Sufis and Dhu Nun

A certain young man was always speaking against Sufis. One day, Dhu Nun took the ring from his finger and gave it to the man.

"Take this to the market and sell it for a dollar," he said.

The young man took it to the market and tried to sell it, but no one would give him more than 10 cents for it. The young man returned to Dhu Nun with the news.

"Now, take the ring to the jewellers and see what they price it at," said Dhu Nun.

The jewellers priced the ring at 1000 dollars.

"You know as much about Sufis," Dhu Nun told the young man when he returned, "as those people in the marketplace know about this ring."

The young man repented, and disbelieved in the Sufis no more.

[Adapted from Farid-ud-Din Attar's "Tadhkirat al-Awliyya" / "Memorial of the Saints."]

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